How to win his first pot of gold

said that everything is hard in the beginning, in fact, is the same for entrepreneurs, when we get in their own pot of gold is the most happy, success will follow the so-called future.

little hope that through their own efforts, so that we have received, the! I sincerely hope that I can progress together with you, together to get the joy of success!

a craft   that has vast wealth, as a have a slight skill by oneself. With this as the minimum objective is to my slight skill, their highest goal is to build up the family fortunes and a vast wealth. Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China, and so far the only Chinese entrepreneurs to write their names on the planet. He is a carpenter in Shanghai art carving factory production to carving camphorwood box. With this technology, in order to get the fair, 20 camphorwood box, earned ten thousand yuan.

the first bucket of gold digging, so that his belongings all in charge of traditional woodcarving, finally have the results today.   Chen Yifei went to the United States, first for the museum painting, compensation is $1 for 3 hours. Because of the emergence of outstanding and enter the gallery, when I heard someone bid $3000 per picture, Chen Yifei said: "I feel in the game, as if the sky fell down a pie." In this way, he has today’s visual industry.   no craft, >

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