What can you learn from Apple’s success

as a brand with a great reputation of electronic products, Apple’s success, will give us a lot of inspiration. The Apple Corp has always been compromised is not only to maintain the existing technology products, but also maintain the budding creative. For example, iPhone, iPad and iPod in released before is strictly confidential in the internal state.

and employees of Apple Corp and is not only the appearance of careful beware, "said Rasinski." they carefully conceal mentioning integrity". If your start-up company has a very good creative products, in addition to believe the loyalty of employees, you should also remind employees not to talk about the content of the product.

iPad is very different in terms of marketing and naming, but it does not affect people’s liking for them. The matter in accordance with the important order of classification, and then analogy, followed by an important order to solve, so that there will be a better development, but also a quick solution to the problem.

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