What do you need to pay attention to the light chain stores

is now in the social life, lighting products sell well, because people pay more attention to build a comfortable home life experience, the demand for lighting products, as operators, should seize the opportunity.

1, location: on site for small entrepreneurs is the biggest challenge, because of the large flow of people. Rent, rent cheap people less, in fact, open chain stores lamps do not have to open in the vicinity of the flow of people, or a super high-end shopping district. Only need to open their stores around the building materials market or the only way to buy building materials, these places are not very expensive rent, the target population is also very clear lock.

2, ready to open: the so-called well prepared, there is nothing to worry about, the operators in the shop before shop must be well prepared, ready to open the lamp chain stores items including the preparation of 2 meters high, the size of a word ladder screw knife, drill a, insulating tape, self tapping screws and so on in addition, these tools also need to prepare cleaning tools and provide customers with the rest of the seat.

3, staffing. In the recruitment of staff, it is necessary to recruit experienced staff, here we recommend that the recruitment of 1-2 sales staff, 1 electricians (part-time or full-time), which will be helpful for the light chain stores. At the same time to communicate with employees, to find ways to increase the enthusiasm of employees and service quality. This is also the most direct and effective way to increase store sales.

4, investment funds: in the two or three line of the city, choose a good light to join the brand, in terms of store rent, renovation costs, probably about 5-10 million or more. In the shop before the investment must be brand survey.

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