The easiest thing to do is to get you on the wrong track

Many entrepreneurs around

people, some success have failed, entrepreneurship is always very close to us, but let us feel distant, said, you know every 5 people, one person is entrepreneurship. They wander, lonely, but insist. It’s a long way to go, but it’s worth it. This road will encounter many obstacles, and these obstacles will often disrupt your rhythm.

a person is good medicine is also a poison

every section of the beginning of the business, the help of the network is the strength of the. But again, the energy consumed in relationships, and the power gained through connections, is often unequal. When you begin to spend too much energy on maintaining a network of contacts, it is no longer your medicine, but the focus of your poison. You know, do a successful product more convincing than a man who can help you. Don’t be too superstitious, choose the most important thing to do, set priorities for your time.

has been the founder of the United States and graduated from well-known universities, the network is the most lacking for him. A "next year we are still young: desire, time, life, regret," the reality will bring him into the people’s vision, but 2 years later, he said his business failed, in the "early product" "false target user" primary error before, people cannot help him solve any the problem.

two, don’t forget, for all you do to prepare for


venture period, when you put all the attention on the inside, perhaps you already prepared to the onslaught of foreign aggression. You know, not everyone in the business is pure, is more arrogant, rude, wolf. According to incomplete statistics, 10 companies have a small number of small and medium enterprises, there are often not in their own hands in the death of the 6, but the brutal death of the rival PR attack. Don’t ignore possible foreign aggression, ahead of these measures.

at the same time, the Jules fastening belts of business people spend on PR may last only to consider. However, the power of PR often when you are still unknown, it is invisible for you to add value, to help you get ahead of investors, customers, businesses, and even the internal team.

three, the team is still the team

is a personal business is difficult, it is best to choose an entrepreneurial team, find a few like-minded partners in business, this is also a good way to reduce the risk of the team is the company composed of every passion and talent inclusion of the soul, and you can go further. In other words, the ability of a team, even if the venture failed, there is a comeback tomorrow of capital. During the start-up period, find the recommended position

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