Ten entrepreneurs need to remember the golden laws and precious rules

entrepreneurs, often do not have enough money and experience and for their own waste, want to succeed, we must pay attention to every detail. Below, ten small golden laws and precious rules will share entrepreneurs need to bear in mind that, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

1, don’t spend time on the failure of the lament, life for decades, and there is not much time for you to moan and cry, you make time for failure, which is free to win the success of


2, days to let you into the event, we must first arrange some misery and loneliness, you could have passed, it is sunshine Avenue, unlimited scenery, if you can’t help, I’m sorry, the day is to help you, but you can not afford sudden happiness!

3, a new store opened and business is booming, and then there will be second or even thousands of thousands of similar stores "reproduction" to open, that the economic prosperity of a group of third, but it is not true. Mediocre public imitators imitate pioneer the superficial "shape", but always can not imitate the core competence of God "". Visible and glazed, longitudinal thousands of imitators, but also thousands of body, such as a dead-alive person zombie, a market stimulus spell, enough to call them a thousand years, be able to!?? In the economic territory of A new force suddenly rises. market, and ultimately win a seat in Jiangshan, always be those who want to record "and the executive", rather than a general


4, the old men say, again good friend once made a partner, are likely to be enemies, I think otherwise, apart from the "emotional statement, friendship such as gold on the reason, if two friends are good areas is consistent, the purpose of anti possibility will be very high," "when no one knows the truth. But if two friends are good areas is different, and can have complementary, just as you need me, I need you, even if occasionally because of differences of opinion and quarrel, will laugh her hatred, will work together to cause high and far down


5, the selection of personnel, he must take the "morality" (the first phase from the heart, Wuguanduanzheng no evil), with "direction" for the neck (the same direction, time to the team, to emulate) "talent" (as the versatile talent, on display) to "solve". For the hand (an ace, critical moment remarkable skill), with "perseverance" for the foot (career hero, endure the lonely hero).

6, money to know people? A person who is willing to lend you money unconditionally in the early stage of your business, to cherish, to be grateful, to be aware of. This person, friendship is familiar, in business, it will be your most trusted person, can help you a helping hand, like Zhou Yu and Lu Su, Marx and Engels, hero of heroes, eternal legend


7, should be glad withstand setbacks and tribulations a lot when you’re young, after all healthy, only when old temper, groundless talk, even if there is no contribution, but also to have fought a young life, finally some happy! If you stay on the bloomer,

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