What are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture

in the development of the road, the positive combination of their own characteristics, the development of dominant industries, become the unanimous choice of the majority of rural areas! Sichuan Province, has a unique planting conditions, the development of characteristic agriculture is conducive to promoting economic development. So, what are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture?

actively develop the advantages of agriculture around the country, through agricultural orders and market direct docking, effectively promote the production and marketing convergence, help promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. According to the dispatching order, the spring agricultural area of 23 million 327 thousand acres, an increase of 732 thousand acres, by 3.2%. Order agriculture presents the characteristics of "high proportion of grain and fast growth of economic crops".

is a higher proportion of food orders. The order of the spring grain area of 14 million 292 thousand acres, an increase of 101 thousand acres, an increase of 0.7%, accounting for 61.3% of the total orders. Among them, 8 million 99 thousand acres of rice, an increase of 92 thousand acres; corn of 3 million 873 thousand acres, an increase of 18 thousand acres; sorghum acres of 699 thousand acres, a decrease of 57 thousand mu.

two is a fast growing economic crop orders. The province’s economic crop orders area of 9 million 35 thousand acres, an increase of 631 thousand acres, an increase of 7.5%, accounting for an increase of orders of 86.2%. Among them, 3 million 36 thousand acres of vegetables, an increase of 177 thousand acres; fruit of an area of 2 million 282 thousand acres, an increase of 230 thousand acres; tea of 1 million 269 thousand acres, an increase of 107 thousand acres; medicinal herbs of 678 thousand acres, an increase of 164 thousand acres; tobacco leaf. Nanjiang county built sun rich tea, vegetable production base, the introduction of the development of agricultural order of 55 leading enterprises, closely linked to the production, processing, sales and other industry chain; Zitong county to take order agriculture, the establishment of company (cooperative) base farmersquot production and marketing through-train mode, the development of high quality black sesame (000716, shares) planting base.

Sichuan order agricultural characteristics, on the one hand reflected in the high proportion of food orders, on the other hand reflected in the growth of economic crops orders! With the further development of economy, the characteristic order agriculture in Sichuan will be further developed, which will help to promote the local economy and improve the living standard of the local people.

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