We need to cultivate customer value in the off-season sales

business will always have a light season, a really good business owners also need to be able to grasp the off-season, when the peak season to make business more popular. And want to do this, naturally also need to shop owners in the off-season can cultivate customer value, so that customers really trust in this shop, so that it can really make the off-season off-season.

as people’s income increases gradually, the continuous improvement of living standards, after solving the problem of food and clothing, hand a surplus of consumers pay more attention to the "shopping", enjoy the thrill of shopping and meet the psychological. So, in the face of the sales season, our focus is to pay attention to the development of the supermarket stores in the shopping environment and service direction, both in hardware and software, to achieve both hands, both hands are hard.

because during the off-season, businesses have more time and energy (customer flow reduction, reduce working pressure), in this period, should come up with some money and time to improve the shopping environment, adjust product structure, promote some special services, such as from the cultural promotion highlight their shopping environment. The off-season, to promote their own unique products and a strong cultural atmosphere, to bring more value for customers shopping feeling, both in the overall image of foundry businesses, or stores the image of the brand, are very good, so that consumers feel comfortable, shopping for the off-season, a purchase was intended to smooth. This will attract consumers to the largest market.

at the same time, in this period, our business as much as possible to provide some value-added services, the service work was perfect, because we have time you can devote more time and energy in the service. The off-season is also very easy to customers, customers, in the season, they are the only customer bags, green bags to the red box of goods to back home, for fear of late is not their own, then, how the attitude which of them would look like, you can buy to spend money. What is good! While the off-season is not the same, the businessman is humble, the customer is the service you don’t go with head high and chest out, work to do at home, do, do it completely, want to be in the off-season market is not easy to do.

I think, in the off-season in order to make the customer experience the value of shopping to do "dynamic", "static" combination. Moving is to act, go deep into the customer. Conditional, can take some time to visit some of the old customers, the sales season, generally in the slack season, then the customer thing less, they will have more time to communicate with the operator, it can be attached to a lot of valuable information, if can be a very good collection and study of relevant and useful information in general can get unexpected harvest.

static is to do a good job in market analysis and forecasting work, which is a lot of our consumers in the off-season when it is easy to overlook the problem, to study the customer

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