Mobile wave coming WeChat marketing training industry in what role

"WeChat marketing training is a lie, a beauty salon Yang Jing, spent more than 1000 yuan for a day of WeChat marketing training after indignant said, the so-called" experts "training first actually is to use the method of popularity of WeChat, and in the next major explanation of Miss Yang was surprised to find actually, a case analysis and she learned in the network information on the surprisingly similar," it’s better to push more convenient self-study music forum".

The development of

six hundred million users and the public platform to expand the outbreak, the true relationship between WeChat mail list based on the precision marketing platform to become worthy of the name first, the value of mobile marketing businesses tap enthusiasm unprecedented upsurge, data show that every registered WeChat account of the public enterprises nearly 8000, daily production of nearly one hundred million times the information interaction. For a time the excuse of WeChat marketing training also blossom everywhere, however, the mechanism, dragons and fishes jumbled together real hard case and the instructor team were uneven in quality, WeChat marketing training market is chaos.

: a team of lecturers uneven in quality


from the "micro-blog celebrity" to "micro-blog marketing Godfather" Huayi media founder Du Zijian teacher is micro-blog marketing ", but let his name a gilded signboard" from WeChat marketing is not himself, but a number of Du Zijian disciples "identity wantonly training WeChat marketing people, in July 31st the public statement:" I (Huayi) no WeChat marketing disciple, I was still groping to WeChat ", the so-called" disciple "a resounding slap in the face. A scholar and transformation since the "success" of the "master" constitute the main trainer team, one of the top wear rings "experts" successful packaging false ones, but the professional how often Pushuo c..


advocate two chaos: WeChat marketing wealth myth

one day in June, the editor went to see five friends in the circle of friends forwarded the same WeChat: a girl doing business in Thailand Buddha, WeChat circle of friends through marketing monthly sales of millions. A beautiful gem and Manicure business on WeChat, the teacher also recently received attention, the monthly water has done 2289 yuan." Later to see the reporter, the original people can resist a wealth of stories from a WeChat marketing company official WeChat, is true is difficult to distinguish, the editors think these deja vu cases and started some propaganda exactly the same way. These elusive wealth story blown the customers of WeChat marketing confidence, "miss WeChat, just missed an era of new media marketing, have a good customer or be encouraged or coerced to choose to follow.


chaos theory, made the case

when the third heard the case Zhang millet and China Merchants Bank despair, Zhang ran a photography studio, heard that WeChat marketing effect also want to try, but in despair heard three training company presentations after Zhang, "don’t say the case, even in the case of interpretation.

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