He was only a few years time from the barbecue stalls do hotel group

started from 5000 yuan of capital, the most down year is only 100 yuan, once the barbecue guy for a few years to do a hotel group mister. In the eyes of many people, Chen Jixiong is a representative and a Cantonese entrepreneurial miracle.

factory bankruptcy again

2004 at the beginning of the year, Chen Jixiong carrying children came to Wuhan, he had just experienced a career low in Changsha food processing plant bankruptcy.

snapadoo. Chen Jixiong overnight to Shenzhen to recover 5000 yuan loan.

"5000 yuan to do business, this is really a small point, the facade can not afford to pay the transfer fee". Then, Chen Jixiong found a selling breakfast shop in Ruixiang road Hing Street, the store about more than and 20 square meters, can only be placed under the table 4.

name name and, when opened, Chen Jixiong had only 300 yuan. It was hard to start. Chen Jixiong’s ear is always some sarcastic remarks, "I haven’t seen you like such a poor cantonese!" There are other boss asked: "how do I address you?" "Call me old chen." "You can only call Chen Hing Street in." But soon, we all change.

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