How to do in rural supermarket chain decoration design

venture in now is not what strange things, many people start when all eyes are on the city, but in rural areas is also very good, the advantages of rural entrepreneurship, on the one hand, the national policy will give a helping hand and tilt, the cost of investment and low pressure. Now more and more people into the countryside, sounded the horn of rural entrepreneurship. Some of them have opened the rural supermarket chains. Here are the details of the rural supermarket chain decoration design, hoping to help entrepreneurs to open the supermarket.

size signboard clever combination

Liu Guiqin opened a rural supermarket chain, is one of the successful entrepreneurs. In the local supermarket chain business in a certain well-known, Liu Guiqin introduced the chain signs, will own the shop named "China business chain supermarket Huang Ze shop", the supermarket chain store signs to improve their visibility. China’s supermarket chain store door is very eye-catching yellow color.

signs and supermarket store long, in addition to the above printed with eye-catching "commercial supermarket chain stores Huang Ze", but also printed on the "Shengzhou City assured demonstration shop" and other words, let the customer create a trust, buy the rest assured.

glass wall stickers slogan

supermarket Street facing one side fitting into the transparent glass walls, the owner of the supermarket business philosophy made propaganda posters pasted on glass wall. Go the right way, the sale of goods, the genuine tree "slogan to highlight the supermarket business purposes, has played a good publicity effect.

In addition to posting posters,

has become a good place to post posters and banners. Due to the transparency of the glass is better, paste in the inside of the product promotion list from the outside to see more clearly, with the protection of glass, leaflets can also be maintained for a long time, played a better role in publicity.

cigarette counter striking

supermarket door placed wooden shelves and glass counters, high-grade goods are placed here. Among them, the cigarette placed into a major bright spot. Cigarette counters placed at the entrance of the eye-catching position, counters in the smoke from the high-end to low-grade, the species is complete.

packet of cigarettes layered placed in the inclined glass counter, and the price tag corresponding to one, the price is clear, consumers buy at a glance. The whole cigarette is placed on the wooden cabinet shelf. The owner of high-grade tobacco, especially high-grade cigarette placed in a very prominent position, let the customer feel very on the grade of cigarette store.

reasonable display area

Large supermarket supermarket management recommended

rural area, financial strength is very difficult and in the city

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