ntroduction of franchise and franchising

many investors tend to the franchise and franchise two concepts confused, think that two is the same concept but different names, in fact, there are differences between the two. In essence, the following would you introduce what are the characteristics of the two?

‘s original franchise came in 1880s, when SINGER (SINGER) sewing machine company established the first dealer network, the dealer paid to SINGER in exchange for the right to sell in a certain area. Then there was a franchise, then what are the characteristics of these two?

What are the characteristics of

franchise and franchise

franchise has the following main features:

1, a franchise owner, is the leader of the chain.

2, the leader has a franchise, franchise can be the product, service, business technology, trade name, logo, and other special forces can bring business interests.

3, the leader and the franchisee in the contract as a major link.

4, the franchisee has the ownership of its shops, store operators are the owner of the shop.

5, chief of the franchise headquarters, the franchisee must be fully in accordance with the provisions of the headquarters of the leader of a series of operations, have no autonomy in management.

6, headquarters of compulsory education to join the cause of complete information, knowledge, technology and a set of operating system, and awarded the franchise to use the name, trade names, trademarks, service marks and other areas of the monopoly right to use, and during the contract period of continuous operating guidance.

7, who want to join the leader of delivery must be paid expenses, usually including one-time fee or commission sales, gross profit.

8. The leader is the vertical relationship, no transverse relationship between each join

franchise (Franchise) refers to the franchise owner in the form of the contract, to allow the franchisee of compensation for the use of its name, trademark, proprietary technology, products and management experience in the business model of business activities. The franchisee is permitted to use the common trademark, trade name, corporate image, work procedure, etc.. But an enterprise that is owned or invested by a franchisee himself.

as a result of the existence of franchising enterprises with a unified image chain management, unified management and other basic features, it is also known as franchise chain. Franchise classics

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