Old business ideas of traditional industries is not.

want to start, most people choose the industry without so people have known as traditional industries, traditional industries also need to have some new ideas of their own, here are some new ideas of the traditional industry case, hope to have new help for all businesses.

booklet achievement Florist New selling point

this batch of brochures a collection of different fresh flowers, dried flower petals, production technology skills sachet production process techniques, and with exquisite pictures and beautiful words, become a graceful flower "manual". The name of the shop name and LOGO booklet as a gift to take customers, stimulate customer interest in flower consumption, and even a lot of girls holding their own with a bouquet of flowers produced sachet back to the florist ask. Zheng Qiaoyu believes that a small amount of investment, the development of consumer interest in flower consumption, but also highlights the professional and style of the florist.

salon to win

pants shop

push "the highest consumption" brand   the restaurant business is hot

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