What are the steps to open the flower shop

is the modern floral art of consumers, the market outlook is very good. Many franchisees are very heart, want to invest shop. What are the procedures needed to open a flower shop? A lot of novices want to know. Today Xiaobian summed up a few big points, hoping to provide some experience sharing.

operation steps

inserted Florist address to downtown, the entertainment street near the best; second is the university campus, park, supermarket, area of 8~10 square meters can be.

purchased floral raw materials, such as glass flowers, flowers, flowers, ribbon yarn feather flower, plastic flowers etc..

investment evaluation

flower is an art processing industry, rely on the creative and technical arrangements are, so the investment is not high, in general, to open 8 square meters of shops only 6000 yuan investment. Another 800 yuan per month rent, other costs of $1000, for legal procedures for $300.

profit accounting


for floral art sense, but also to communicate with customers, operators need to art classes or garden class training.

development prospect

Open plug Florist which need to go through the steps? The above analysis is more comprehensive, can be used as a general reference. The development prospects of the industry is very good, so very popular in the market, if you want to invest in a shop, come to contact us.

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