The characteristics of female entrepreneurship under the changing times

no matter at home or abroad, facing female entrepreneurs to more than men. The number of female entrepreneurs in China continues to rise, although not really achieve the "half of the sky" feat, but the advantages of female entrepreneurs are gradually recognized by society.

because of gender limitation, women in their own business when, inevitably will encounter some problems. The first is the network problems, women in the business network is generally not as good as men, most women do not like to socialize, social circle is limited. Women in the work, the other is rarely popularity, these characteristics will have a negative impact on business. But in the former industry to do a senior position of women, there is generally no problem.

followed by professional knowledge, management requires a comprehensive knowledge of the structure, some women have not previously held management positions and the choice of business, the need to add a lot of knowledge. Then there is a strong will power, which is a necessary condition for creativity, otherwise it is difficult to open up a new situation, and women in this regard in particular the need for friends and family support.

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