Recording pen ten brands list

recording pen has been used in many occasions, and the use of the current market is more and more widely. So, in so many brands, which brand is good? Digital recording pen, digital recording device, such as a pen type, easy to carry, while a variety of functions, such as laser pen function, MP3 player, etc.. Compared with the traditional recorder, digital recording pen is a way to record audio. The following is edited by small series for you to record the ten major brands:

recording pen top ten brand NO.1. SONY SONY

SONY 3C, SONY is across the electronic games, financial and entertainment world giant, has the world’s brand influence on. SONY was founded in May 1946, founded by technical research and development background of ibuka and good public relations, marketing Akio Morita.

recording pen top ten brand NO.2. JINGWAH JWD

Shenzhen JINGWAH Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2000, is the city of Shenzhen JINGWAH electronic Limited by Share Ltd to invest in a company engaged in high-tech products research and development and production and operation of high-tech enterprises.

recording pen top ten brand NO.3. patriot aigo

Aigo Digital Technology Co was founded in 1993, the existing staff of more than 1900 people. Headquartered in Beijing, the country has 14 platform and a number of domestic branch companies, subsidiaries and set up R & D center, Singapore, Hongkong, Columbia and the United States 4 overseas subsidiaries, formed by the Patriots as the main body, development and brand promotion as the core group of IT companies.

business involves mobile storage, digital audio and video playback, digital cameras, computer accessories, information security and other fields. Its brand "Aigo Patriot", has grown into China’s number one brand. Patriot dedication, six win, one of the best "spirit, the operating system is more professional and international, has a" patriot will become the pride of the international brand mission, based on the local community, to the world.

recording pen top ten brand NO.4. Samsung SAMSUNG

Samsung Group is Korea’s largest enterprises, but also a large multinational enterprise group, Mitsui Sumitomo (a subsidiary of Mitsui consortium). Samsung group includes numerous international affiliated enterprises, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Samsung, Samsung, aviation, Samsung Life Insurance, business involves many fields of electronics, finance, mechanical, chemical etc..


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