Wei Jia cold noodle unique taste depends on what

cold noodle which tastes best, Xiaobian or weijiade cold noodle haunting, said Wei Jia cold noodle what unique brand features, see Xiaobian introduce for you below:

Wei Jia Shaanxi cold noodle retains the authentic flavor of delicacy, into a variety of modern fashion elements make up cold noodle. In practice, different from other fast food brand in the operation of the pipeline, made out of the cold noodle is not only a higher nutritional value, but also represents the authentic taste of Shaanxi delicacy. Weijiade cold noodle many friends want to know that the one and only weijiade cold noodle formula how do, small as we break the Weis cold noodle seasoning formula, for your reference!

as everyone knows, hunger breeds discontentment, Wei cold noodle in order to enhance consumer satisfaction, the implementation of the standardization of the central kitchen production, operation and management system. Weijiade cold noodle seasoning recipe approach ensures that the selection, development, processing, storage and other channels of standardization. Weijiade cold noodle seasoning recipe approach is simple and easy to learn.

Wei cold noodle unique taste depends on what

Wei joined cold noodle brand by virtue of its unique advantages, talent shows itself in the many brands, has been more attention. Crack Wei Jia first selects cold noodle seasoning recipe, Shaanxi King smoked vinegar in the superior head pour vinegar as the raw material, boiled into fennel, caoguo, Xiangsha and other more than and 10 kinds of precious spices, the stew 3 hours, made of vinegar, mellow erotic material Kizawa Kiyoryo, taste rich, can not forget for a long time and let the people after the cold noodle collocation, weijiade cold noodle is absolutely you can not miss the good project.

crack weijiade cold noodle seasoning recipe, weijiade cold noodle created Chinese fast food three standard operation system: logistics production standardization, cooking equipment standardization, restaurant operation standard. Cold noodle seasoning water Wei Jia way in three aspects: quality, service, cleanliness, fully in line with international standards, at the same time the cold noodle processing operation Wei Jia has the full realization of electrical, no smoke, provide a healthy diet rich, delicious, fresh for customers to become the brand of choice for the pursuit of health, fashion.


above is small on the Weis cold noodle is introduced, if you are on the brand what other issues need to consult us, please give us a message on our website to see the message below, we will arrange our staff for the first time with your contact.

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