Public rental let 700 families happy landing

September 30th, the city’s third batch of public rental Yaohao allocation ceremony held in 2015. From the four district of Yang Shengyuan, Jia Yuansheng, Chen Yanhui, Zhang Rong, Hu Yanwei and other 700 homes in the housing difficulties of low-income families in the allocation site, through the computer system quickly gained public rental Yaohao their long-awaited, in the cool autumn, they become happy public rental owner. (see A12 version)

according to reports, this year in accordance with the progress of public rental annual distribution plan and construction of public rental housing and sort out the situation, I clear to the end of the allocation of public rental target set for more than 3 thousand, currently has more than 1 thousand and 300 sets of wave number allocation. City real estate management department is urging the construction of public rental housing construction area, such as stepping up the construction of the bridge, for the completion of the allocation target in December, so that more housing tenants living in public rental.

it is reported that the public Yaohao allocation of public rental housing are 100 China District rhyme Chengzhong District, located in Anning Road No. 12, a total of 353 units, the standard rent is 12.25 yuan per square meter, the area is a new area of our city public rental housing construction area of seamount bridge. The area with the construction of the financial and kindergarten, postal and other infrastructure. Another is a housing Seongbuk block Jing residential district, located in the Qaidam Road No. 134, a total of 347 units, the standard rent is 12.25 yuan per square meter, the district is the city’s first public distribution of commercial housing area with the construction of low-income housing projects, residential environment, convenient transportation. After the end of the results of the public Yaohao allocation Yaohao list will be publicized, if the expiration of the publicity without objection, access to public rental housing tenants can go to the contract.


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