Xining industrial investment to run up

In recent years, the city’s industrial development has achieved leapfrog development, industrial added value accounted for the proportion of the city’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased from 24.97% in 2000 to 44.5%, the proportion of industry in the national economy of the first industry. However, Xining industry has been a loss for ten consecutive years, is to attract investment to make the industry out of the trough, today, it is the investment and the park economy makes Xining industry ran up.

through a large number of investment, a number of industrial projects successfully landed and implemented. Wuxi Suntech, Beijing Xin Heng, Wahaha, kinwa industry, FSL and a large number of well-known domestic enterprises to enter the city, the perfect realization of the investment project introduction, industrial upgrading leap. Now the majority of industrial enterprises in our city is set up by way of investment, the enterprise to bring the elements needed for the production of economic development funds, technology and advanced management methods and marketing mode, optimize the enterprise structure and economic structure. In the current itefcewc, 7 categories of 40 industrial projects have been introduced to Chinese and foreign investors, these conform to the circular economy, green economy, low carbon economy development requirements of the project, there is a strong pulling power, can effectively extend the industrial chain, which is the city to vigorously carry out the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of the project. The promotion of new energy, new materials projects have 17, is expected to invest more than 8 billion yuan. One of the automotive power lithium battery project due to the broad market prospects of concern by the merchants. According to the national plan, by 2030, China’s electric vehicle ownership accounted for more than 50% of the total car ownership, automotive power lithium battery will be widely used. Silicon dioxide photovoltaic industry, new materials industry dominated the two leading industries have been initially formed.

superior geographical advantages and policy advantages, so that Xining has become a hot spot for investment, entrepreneurial treasure and policy depressions, in the economic restructuring, the development of the industry will be a big step forward in Xining. (author: Xiao Yan, Luo Yi)