Xining school party secretary walked into the classroom

Xining municipal Party committee organization department pays attention to quality education resources to incline to the grass-roots level, make full use of foreign cooperative schools and friendly city of high-quality educational resources, timely organization of Party school is responsible for charging refueling, with practical action to care grassroots, grassroots service, improve the party building theory accomplishment and leadership of party workers in schools.

for the city’s primary and secondary schools the new party cadres, the lack of theory and experience of Party building work of the school, the Xining municipal Party committee organization department coordination for the Beijing Youth Politics College and Shanghai, Pudong New Area with full funding of training fees, accommodation fees of supporting measures, two batches of the city party organizations in primary and secondary schools in more than 80 person in charge of the training. During the training, the students in our city around the leading cadres of basic quality, school party practice, emergency management, campus crisis intervention and counseling, school team activities, the international situation and issues analysis topics, by listening to lectures, symposiums, etc. a variety of ways to carry out simulation study. Liang Lvqi, President of Beijing Youth Politics College, Renmin University of China professor Zheng Chaoyu, instructor magazine editor in chief, such as the famous education experts in the guest lectures, for the city of the students sent a wonderful lecture on the. At the same time, I also visited the Beijing city students, eighty teachers in primary school and other schools and school party construction work experience, in-depth exchanges with Pudong new heights middle school, Magnolia school staff, to further enhance the party spirit, open thinking, sort out ideas, identify the starting point to seize the ideological and political work in school and the focal point, to enhance the level of Party building work in our city school to lay a solid foundation. (author: Ning Gan Jiao)