Smooth Xining promises to honor the action

high-speed construction history of the largest single investment in the South Ring Expressway officially opened……

to improve the urban road network in Xining, the construction of the Xining urban traffic framework of the new construction of the Kunlun bridge officially started……

total length of 11.29 km, the city’s overall plan is the only one of the urban expressway Lantau Peak expressway is about to start……

back in 2015,

provincial Party committee and provincial government attaches great importance to the relevant departments of the province, especially the provincial transportation department’s strong support, smooth Xining achieved a qualitative leap.

review 2015,

municipal Party committee, the municipal government with a generous, a big investment Bibi, a new train of thought, a practical action to honor the solemn promise of smooth Xining.

2015, the municipal government to deal with the problem of urban traffic control, holding the determination to break the ice, made the solemn promise of smooth Xining –

municipal Party committee and municipal government to implement the important instructions Luo Huining, governor of the governor of the province, to guide the relevant departments to do a lot of work to do the work of the Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the government of the people’s Republic of China. We should take immediate measures to achieve immediate results. In order to do the work in the forefront of the spirit, to face the world’s problems, mobilize all forces to fight a smooth battle of Xining, win the war, never live up to the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the broad masses of the people’s expectations." Party secretary Wang Xiao made a solemn commitment.

in action!

municipal government in action!

city people in action!


Planning Department moved up!

Construction Department moved up!

Traffic Police Department moved up!

moved all over Xining!

is a gradual implementation of measures!

a project started construction!

the mobilization of the city, the participation of all people, to benefit the people of the smooth movement of Xining has been a stage of victory!

no matter the interests of the masses, people’s livelihood is greater than the day." Behind one move, means that Xining is vigorously promote the reform of public transport management system, re allocation of city planning and management of resources, huge capital investment, behind the system solutions is a package of warm heart people generous.

construction project landing article

* South Ring Expressway opened to traffic

[unblocked project]

lasted 4 years and only 7 months to build, much attention from all walks of life in Xining, south of the Beltway Expressway opened in December 24, 2015 zero. The province’s first two-way six lane was opened to traffic, to fundamentally improve the transportation ability of Qinghai East and West Xining, greatly ease the urban traffic congestion phenomenon, realize the logistics and passenger traffic between the districts, traffic convenient transfer, to promote economic and social development of Xining Province in the East and the significance of my major.