Xining city pollution Henzhao cadres not as a hat.

The reporter learned from the Xining municipal environmental protection department before, from the beginning of February 28th, the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining city departments deployed personnel composition of the inspection team, will be strictly accountable, the omission of pollution of the cadres to implement removal or transfer of governance is not in place, the people and things of accountability and timely.

it is reported that all departments should strictly follow the Xining city comprehensive management of air pollution in 2014 the task division and the action plan for air pollution control and year work overall deployment mobilization meeting, to grasp the work of the implementation of measures. City Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to establish a notification system, the focus of the work on a regular basis to sort out the briefing, the responsibility of the person responsible for the investigation. The meeting also requested the immediate restoration of supervision system, to further increase efforts to implement the inspection and thorough investigation, not omission, responsibility to work cadres to implement removal or transfer.

at noon on February 28th, the Xining Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying in the city’s comprehensive management of air pollution at the inspection work conference to start a comprehensive inspection work put forward to understand the situation, the performance of their duties, periodic inspection, notification exposure, specific requirements of the 5 aspects of accountable. And stressed that from that day onwards, the city’s comprehensive management of air pollution inspection team to be all in place, the overall level of supervision of urban counties at all levels. Each inspection team to clear inspection tasks, content, time nodes, etc., regularly informed, centralized exposure. To strict accountability, work to promote ineffective, the responsibility is not implemented, governance is not in place for people and things in a timely manner to deal with accountability.

in addition, will also target by the Xining City office and the Xining Office of the atmosphere in various regions and departments management stage daily and year-end overall assessment, and included in the municipal annual target responsibility assessment and control work, will be held in June and December to be completed at the end of May and the end of December the task assessment, unfinished matters will be early warning notification. Will also form a reward mechanism, according to the actual situation of governance, the outstanding performance of the units and individuals on a regular basis to reward the work of governance efforts, good results in the region to increase the intensity of the project and financial support. (author: Guo Jia)