Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau in the province’s discipline

  in August 27th, the province’s discipline inspection and supervision system in the first session of the games at the height of the plateau training base of the grand opening. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the city discipline inspection commission, a total of twelve teams participated in the games. I appointed the leadership of the Bureau and the district 30 athletes participated in the games of the four collective projects and eight individual projects. After two days of intense competition, the team won the group I authority score the first good results, in addition, 20 comrades won 23 awards in badminton, table tennis and other eight individual projects, especially the Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying lead, participate actively and get the highest score of 10. The 95 rings in the collective project shooting.

through this competition, not only active in the staff activities atmosphere, improve the collective cohesion, cultivate mutual cooperation between colleagues, the spirit of solidarity, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers to participate in fitness, let all the cadres in the enjoyment of participation in activities at the same time, gain more passion and friendship.


committee cadres and workers photo