Xining Railway Public Security Bureau to ensure the safety of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Transportati

from the beginning of November 11th, the majority of areas of our province, there have been snow cooling weather, including snow in Xining. In the face of weather phenomena, Xining Railway Public Security Bureau quickly launched an emergency plan to comprehensively strengthen the safety of the Qinghai Tibet railway transportation under severe weather conditions, and ensure the safe and stable order.


immediately launched the "response to the Storm Snow Weather Emergency Plan", full mobilization of police, extreme weather conditions, to ensure the safety and stability of railway transportation of Qinghai Tibet railway. Xining police station to snow for the order, in descending order by the maintenance organization of the police station at the same time, in the snow, ice, snow cleaning station square station, the aisle, with passenger Department in the waiting room, ticket office, on the steps of the station mat and carpet, using a large speaker uninterrupted publicity in order to guide visitors to buy tickets, passengers stop, ride, to create a good environment for passenger travel and transportation. At the same time, the marshals detachment duty of many passenger trains because of the snowstorm weather delayed, police organization to fully cooperate with the leading vehicle passengers mood, strengthen patrol prevention, prevent theft, timely feedback, reporting information, ready to make possible all kinds of events disposal work.