Arrangements for the deployment of the province in 2016, winter to send warm related work

to ensure that the winter cold season the begging and other life without the safety of personnel, to further enhance the ability to work around the relief management, the provincial Civil Affairs Department in October 9th issued "on 2016" winter warmth "related work notice", the full deployment of 2016 "winter warmth".

stressed that the "notice" in the local civil affairs departments should continue to consolidate the basic duties, cooperate with each other and make concerted efforts to advance the overall management of relief pattern, continue to rely on the assistance and management mechanism of the existing government leaders in charge of the lead, take the initiative to strengthen the relevant departments and public security, city management, in collaboration with relevant departments, refinement the responsibilities and cooperation programs, give full play to the 110 command center, digital city management platform, 24 hours hotline that report and emergency disposal, improve sectoral collaboration linkage and rapid response mechanism, realize the overall planning and overall deployment, unified scheduling, and strive to "find a relief, a".

"notice" urged all localities to further strengthen the township (street) relief management responsibilities, and strengthen the city and county (city, District, township (street), commission), village (neighborhood) four linkage for assistance, life without begging for help to facilitate personnel nearby, according to local actual complement rescue services, mobile rescue vehicles rescue facilities and relief means. To further increase the rescue efforts to actively use the tracing back home, "national assistance management information system" and "rescue", micro-blog WeChat network tracing and other new media platform, timely and effective tracing information released, helping staff to return to the local search; vagrants and beggars after returning home in line with the conditions of minimum living security, medical assistance, temporary assistance and other policies the civil affairs departments of domicile should be promptly incorporated into the scope of relief to protect.

at the same time, in order to adapt to the new situation of left behind children, the plight of children and other minors protection work is facing a new task, notify the civil affairs departments at all levels to aid management institutions to further build and improve the platform, and gradually realize the transformation and upgrading of work assistance management institutions around the organization, assistance management institutions in the traditional relief work at the same time, and actively carry out the left-behind children, the plight of children, social protection of minors related work.


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