Lake race through the provinces will mean

since the provinces jointly Lake Race, whether it is the run game mode, and from the influence of events result in a series of thinking, the event itself is not only a turning point in history, but also created the Chinese provinces by international precedent, its meaning is very profound. This year, the competition for the first time through the capital city of three provinces, their significance again far beyond the event itself, a boost to three City New Zealand silver dominated West Delta economic circle construction strength. Let the provinces to join together, magnificent picture paints a thousand ride Benz, friendship bloom, the event along the Silk Road under the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, crossing the Gobi desert, came to the southern frontier, the impact of outside events began to appear, a construction in the three provinces interval economic zone gradually surfaced in front of people.

depth of cooperation in the three provinces

in recent years, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia three of the upper reaches of the Yellow River Economic Zone, economic potential gradually, the regional natural conditions richly endowed by nature, its rise will become the country’s second engine in the new round of Western development. Three provinces and autonomous regions are located in the northwest, are in the upper reaches of the Loess Plateau in the Yellow River, are multi-ethnic areas, and the development of the national level there is a gap. However, if the three provinces together to form the upper reaches of the the Yellow River special economic zones in multi-ethnic areas, the first is the complementary advantages of resources, followed by talent, technology can also complement each other. At the same time, the traffic can be unified layout, conducive to the development of minority areas. If the ethnic minority areas and the upper reaches of the the Yellow River economic zone can be established, it is beneficial to the industrial and economic development of Qinghai. It is also good for people to get employed, to accept new ideas and to open their minds.

and promote the construction of the economic zone, the game was a great media, it makes the Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces in economy, culture and national unity together, everyone in the concept of a breakthrough, opening in thought, for the development of the region, can take a lot less detours. The provinces around the race after Jo let everyone see, see the edge of Hexi Corridor beautiful, beautiful scenery of the Yellow River, to take more effective propaganda to Gansu and Ningxia. Through the event, so many of the original unknown history, culture, customs as well known. Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping admitted that he did not walk around the Lake Race line every station, but in the pre game planning, learned a lot of Gansu, Ningxia customs and history and culture. He said: "since we have such a good resource, we should publicize. Hope that through the lake tournament held, so that the masses of Gansu and Ningxia learned that this event for their own propaganda or have a certain role. Lake race can rally people, it has become the people of the three provinces of the festival, through the event, effectively promote the beautiful scenery and local customs of the three provinces, a strong move to the economic and social development of the host."

boost the West Triangle Economic Circle

from the national point of view, the only lack of urban agglomerations is the northwest of the west, and the city is not only more discrete, and the west;

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