Hao Peng in the new campus of Qinghai Normal University stressed the importance of promoting the nor

11 22, governor Hao Peng made a special trip to the new campus of Qinghai normal university. He stressed that the promotion of the higher education quality and level of development, is the practice of ideological development of people centered, specific measures to thoroughly implement the "four major solid" requirements, Qinghai normal university should take the whole move into the new campus as a new starting point, accurately grasp the positioning, promote the connotation of development, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength and innovation ability. Make new greater contributions to the economic and social development.

from March 2013 to consider the overall plan for the new semester this year, the overall relocation, Hao Peng has always been concerned about the construction of the new campus of Qinghai normal university. In the afternoon, Hao Peng went into the university new campus, in the best of spirits to see a laboratory building, stadium, life service center, student canteen, student apartments, library information center and other facilities construction and facilities. In the science laboratory building, computer science students to demonstrate their achievements in the development of intelligent robot to the governor, Hao Peng encouraged the students to study hard, innovation. Qinghai normal university physics experimental teaching center is a national experimental teaching demonstration center, Hao Peng encouraged under the guidance of experimental teachers should strive to build a first-class discipline, put more teaching and scientific research achievements applied to the economic and social development. A classroom building Logistics Institute of education, primary school education is training students into several groups sitting together on the education course of introduction, Hao Peng commended the inquiry teaching method that, when the governor asked us whether we would like to be a teacher, we have shown very willing!" Hao Peng passionately say to the students, the education of our province "short board" mainly in the rural and pastoral areas, the teacher shortage is a serious problem, see you to focus on your studies, love the work of teachers, I am very happy, I hope you establish lofty ideals, and lay a good foundation, to be a good teacher in the future, the more children develop into socially useful talents.

research, Hao Peng Qinghai Normal University to give full affirmation of the new campus construction. He pointed out that the Qinghai Normal University new campus is the largest single investment project in our province education history, has important symbolic significance, hope that the Qinghai Normal University in the new development platform to accelerate the development and connotation of transformation and development, reform and development, open development, running characteristic, office advantage. Hao Peng stressed that the Qinghai normal university should adhere to the correct direction of running, highlighting the characteristics of teacher education, doing fine teacher education, better play the leading role of teacher education for basic education; to deepen the comprehensive reform of education, the modern university system, adhere to the Party leadership, professors and principals in charge of democratic management, and comprehensively promote the construction of discipline, teacher education, human resources, internal governance and other areas of reform, and constantly enhance the development momentum and vitality; to strengthen the construction of teachers’ team, make good use of our province talents introduction policy, seize the opportunities of green counterpart aid, normal play their own advantages, to further improve the quality of personnel training; to adhere to the service for the students, in improving the infrastructure construction and facilities at the same time, strengthen the moral construction, such as "software" rigorous scholarship, rigorous teaching management, strict management, better To give full play to the comprehensive functions of personnel training, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance and innovation;

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