13th Five-Year period in our province will build 40 rural tourism demonstration village

yesterday, the province’s rural tourism promotion and tourism poverty alleviation will be held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous county. Reporters learned from the meeting, our province will accelerate the pace of development of rural tourism, rural tourism will be faced with upgrading, a distinctive theme, prominent features, or as to the development of leisure; or, with water as the lead, to build a new rural tourism industry and other characteristics of the riparian health recuperation tour demonstration village, Qinghai rural tourism is more excellent.

it is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period, our province will focus on creating about 40 distinctive features, complete functions, perfect facilities, rural tourism demonstration village with a demonstration effect. Joint poverty alleviation department every year about 50 key conditions in the implementation of the key tourist village poverty alleviation projects, combined with the Ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry department to guide the development of the 50 multifunctional leisure agriculture and animal husbandry base. By 2020, each year to create a new Star Rural Tourism reception point 100, the province’s rural tourism reception point reached 4000.

at present, the province’s total national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county 5; the characteristic landscape tourism town village 10; national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites 15; provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties 4; provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites 64 provincial characteristic landscape tourism; the town of 8; the provincial rural tourism demonstration village 40; rural tourism in 3016 points, the 667 point star village tourism.

province will be innovative development model. Prominent features, local conditions, accelerate the promotion of rural tourism from the traditional board and lodging, entertainment to leisure, tourism, sports and health, creative agriculture, farming experience, the transformation of rural handicraft production. Dig the rural culture connotation, guide social capital to the development of leisure farms, Villaggio Boutique Hotel, accommodation, catering, special car camping, outdoor sports and other rural leisure products, explore the formation of multiple types, characteristic of leisure agriculture and rural tourism development model.


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