2015 annual target responsibility (performance) assessment results released

Recently, the Provincial Standing Committee approved the province’s 2015 year target responsibility (performance) assessment results. According to the relevant provisions of the assessment program, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government in the assessment of the target responsibility was named outstanding leadership and performance appraisal was rated excellent areas and departments for recognition and reward.

2015, 59 provincial departments of 8 city states, leadership target responsibility assessment results: excellent leadership 28, good leadership in 39, the city outstanding leadership 2, good leadership 6 party department; 7 excellent leadership, good leadership of the NPC and CPPCC 2; method of inspection organs outstanding leadership 2, good leadership 2 provincial government departments; 15 excellent leadership, good leadership 24; mass Department outstanding leadership 2, good leadership 5.

2015 year, 8 cities, 39 provincial government departments, 3 industrial parks and 39 counties (urban) performance assessment results: excellent performance in 3, good in 5; the excellent performance of the 9 departments, 30 departments of good; the excellent performance of 1 industrial parks, good industrial park 2 a good performance; the County (city) 9 counties (urban), good 30; the regions and departments to get individual awards 16.

in recent years, our province assessment work closely around the provincial government’s major decisions and plans and the work of the center, adhere to the orientation, affect the index and evaluation, do subtraction, to adapt to the new situation, explore new methods, and constantly improve the target responsibility (performance) appraisal standards, to strengthen ecological protection poverty alleviation, assessment and other indicators, have focused on scientific setting of the city state and provincial departments, industrial park, county (city) assessment indicators, in order to test, test, strict quasi real test to do fine do in place, effective assessment baton role, effectively mobilize the local departments to tackle tough, encourage the enthusiasm and initiative. (He Minqing group)


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