Huangzhong bridge under the two bare pipe wear safety clothing

, environmental monitoring Brigade East area of Xining city law enforcement officers along the Huangshui River patrol found a sewage pipeline due to corrosion cracking to drain sewage, stinking Huangzhong bridge, the impact on the surrounding environment.

A staff member of the

East District Environmental Monitoring brigade said they found along the Huangshui River River visits, Huangzhong bridge consists of two bare pipe. One of them has a corrosive leakage. After investigation, the sewage pipe of the pipe for flower market. Repair of pipeline responsible for them on the spot of the market requirements, put an end to "Paomaodilou" phenomenon, and the siltation of the sewage was cleared. At the same time, the second is the Yongchang building sewage pipes, but also rust, there are leakage hazards. They also contact the person in charge of the Yongchang building, on-site protection of the pipeline to prevent leakage of sewage. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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