Qinghai to build the green development of a gilded signboard

to speed up the "13th Five-Year" major project tackling engineering, build Qinghai green development in a gilded signboard…… August 29th, the provincial development and Reform Commission held the province’s development and reform system to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Qinghai, an important speech. Meeting around the new norm of economic development, the implementation of the new concept of development, the focus of the next phase of the work arrangements, and then implement to ensure the successful completion of the project each year.

is reported that, according to the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, the next period of the province will supply side structural reform, and promoting the sustained and healthy economic development, give full play a key role in the investment in the short board, accelerate the construction of key projects, there is a strong degree of innovation, to effectively implement strong productivity and cost reduction of key tasks. To speed up the "pre crucial project of major projects in 13th Five-Year, for the West Railway and Xining railway, Xining airport three, the preparatory work for major projects Huang Ji west channel such as progress in the year. Around the infrastructure, high-end manufacturing, high-tech, modern service industry and other fields, do fine early, strive for more financial support. The implementation of the opinions of the PPP mode of cooperation, to push forward the development of project work plan, the introduction of pricing mechanism as soon as possible, improve tax support, financing services, industry access and other facilities, good demonstration projects, and strive for the year to start the implementation of a number of.

at the same time, to build a strong national ecological security barrier as the goal, and promoting the protection of the ecological environment, is a good "green account", take the "green road", a "green card", continuing to promote the advance of ecological civilization construction, to truly become the beautiful scenery of gold and silver. Qinghai to build the green development in Sanjiang will focus on creating a gilded signboard, National Park, beautiful Qinghai, Qinghai Lake, Chinese xiadou green brand, the source of Sanjiang National Park Chinese has become a model for the construction of ecological civilization, green China world "image ambassador". Great beauty Qinghai brand, will build a new fulcrum of ecological protection and construction, to show the natural beauty of Qinghai, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the new image of the United States and the United states. Qinghai Lake brand, will continue to run around the lake, the depth of excavation of the potential value of Qinghai Lake, to further enhance visibility. Chinese xiadou brand, will be created by a civilized city, speeding up the tourism standardization construction, expanding the rich connotation of the brand, to make Xining a green, open, livable city.

In addition to

, let the people of all ethnic groups have more sense to get the starting point, to protect and improve people’s livelihood, strengthen social governance, to win the battle of poverty alleviation, play a good green counterpart aid platform to improve the people’s livelihood, improve the level of basic public services, focus on price regulation, to make development more equitably benefit of all the people.


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