Xining city of Nanchuan River comprehensive cleaning

The river is clean, no garbage, river silt, clean and beautiful environment, in order to put the Nanchuan River dedicated to the general public, in accordance with the municipal government requirements, the city water department has launched a comprehensive cleaning action of Nanchuan river. Plastic packaging bags, beverage bottles and other light waste is the focus of cleaning.Three landscape bridge construction on the new

Nanchuan River, is a good place to people who play leisure, but there are some civilization from the bridge to the river in the litter. During the Spring Festival, the landscape bridge often have small vendors set up their stalls, some of the visitors after the purchase of goods will throw bags into the river, frozen in plastic bags on the ice to make the cleaning staff a headache. Taking into account the safety issues, cleaning staff can not go on the ice to clean up, they made a long pole, a little bit from the distance, fishing junk. Since spring, plastic bags, beverage bottles become the main garbage on the river, because they are light, easy to salvage, in order to thoroughly clean the cleaning staff to salvage it many times.

cleaning action in Nanchuan River, but also to the river rubbish inside. In April 8th, the reporter saw in the kylin Bay Nanchuan River, an excavator is cleaning the silt in the river last year, water conservancy departments have implemented Nanchuan river dredging work, the work this year to further expand, from the end of March to the present has been dredging 5000 cubic meters. In order to thoroughly clean up to Nanchuan River, the cleaning action, I also carry out large-scale afforestation on both sides of the river, along the floor tile repair defect, paint dressing guardrail, the action plan at the end of the end of the month. (author: Xiao Yan)


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