Xining an illegal storage of fireworks sales dens checked

December 20th, Xining city safety supervision and Management Bureau of the joint North District Public Security Bureau police brigade, North District innings, destroyed twenty Li Pu Zhen Zhai Cun Yi Tao illegal storage of fireworks sales dens, seized 168 boxes of fake fireworks, worth more than 5 yuan.

in a storage room of about 10 square meters, filled with fireworks and firecrackers, models and specifications of a variety of, and even illegal manufacturers of products. Some of these fireworks were scattered on the ground, some of which are packed in cartons. In another house not far from the dens, law enforcement officers found another illegal fireworks storage room, which also piled up a lot of boxes of fake and shoddy fireworks. Owner Lee told reporters that these fireworks is his business from the riverside road where goods, although know that this is fake and shoddy products, but the temptation of economic interests, he chose to take the risk.

these fake fireworks are generally made of black powder, the fuse burning short, there are flammable and explosive safety risks. In order to citizens living security during the two, safety supervision departments will further intensify efforts to investigate and crack down on illegal manufacture, storage, sales manager of fireworks and firecrackers; at the same time to remind consumers to buy a regular fireworks Qinghai fireworks brand trademark "Ji Sheng".


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