Xining city iron fist against illegal fund-raising 241 related service enterprises surveyed

at the beginning of this year, Xining city finance office has issued a "Xining City, combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising work program" and "Xining City, combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising special action program", half the time in Xining city through investigation, in accordance with the law, against the summary of the rectification method, iron fist fight and disposal of illegal fund-raising (hereinafter referred to as "as of now, fighting), there are 241 related service enterprises surveyed, three companies suspected of illegal fund-raising has been transferred to public security organs.

August 28th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Finance Office was informed that, in accordance with the "clear responsibilities, strengthen coordination, sparse block simultaneously and plates with" principle, Xining city finance office to coordinate the relevant units, departments to establish a perfect working mechanism to prevent and combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising, effectively prevent and control the occurrence and spread of illegal fund-raising activities. This year, the Xining Municipal Finance Office (combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising work leading group office) of each group, respectively, to the city’s 109 investment consulting companies, 15 intermediary companies, 21 pawn shops, 7 auction houses, 48 small loan companies, 41 financing guarantee institutions to carry out strict careful special in the investigation, investment advisory companies, found three companies suspected of illegal fund-raising, and timely delivery by the public security departments to carry out the investigation. Checked pawn, auction houses, small loan companies, financing guarantee institutions were not found illegal behavior.

In addition, the city of Xining also check the illegal financial business to clean up the ads, found the illegal advertising companies issued a rectification notice ordered

. At the same time, Xining City pornography office to remind the general public to remember that illegal fund-raising: resist the temptation of high interest rates to raise the anti cheat formulas, the rational choice of investment channels; improve the awareness of risk prevention, vigilance loans, illegal financing and illegal fund-raising advertising trap, beware of deception; illegal fund-raising without legal protection, participation in illegal fund-raising activities at your own risk.


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