Xining forestry industry development has become a good helper for farmers to become rich

October 16th, learned from the Forestry Department of Xining City, in the ecological engineering driven, after years of development, Xining city around the seedlings, flowers and other forestry products in the construction, gradually to scale, industrialization development, led farmers to get rich.

it is reported that, as of now, Xining city rural sports seedling area has more than 2000 acres, from spring to autumn this year, has all kinds of nursery seedlings about 4000000, farmers by leasing land and labor indirect income of nearly 1 million yuan. In addition, since 2006, a combination of sea buckthorn resources base construction of key forestry projects in Xining City, has completed the construction of 200 thousand acres of sea buckthorn base, through breeding and output services directly to the surrounding farmers to get rich.


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