Qinghai Lake scenic area to nternet plus wide coverage

teamed up with the way network, Ctrip, where to go, donkey mother bamboo, shellfish network and other well-known tourism reservation, Qinghai Lake scenic area to establish tourism consumer marketing information platform, the official opening of the Qinghai Lake scenic spot ticket online booking business, realize the center view tickets online sales, to eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment, all kinds of products to Internet plus wide coverage.

at present, China’s tourism market has entered a new round of rapid development period, fit, self-help, networking is increasingly becoming the general trend of future tourism development. In recent years, the Qinghai Lake scenic area to cater to the new development trend of the times, the digital network of information technology and traditional tourism combine to promote digital construction of scenic spot in the new mode and concept, from the rapid passage of a tourism consumption structure between the domestic and foreign tourists and scenic spots.

at present, Qinghai Lake scenic area wireless WiFi unified free, concentrated in the tourist area signal seamless coverage has reached 100%; visitors can scan two-dimensional code into the Qinghai Lake tourism WeChat, understand the scenic attractions, fares, play lines, rides and reminder etc. all travel information through WeChat. At the same time, panoramic video probe coverage area, the island, bird island, Jiro sword and fairy Bay four scenic spots to achieve the monitoring of video communication. The application of the digital video conference system of the scenic spot has realized the high definition and multi-function video conference, which provides the convenience for the digital remote conference and the teaching and training.


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