2012 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang nternational Photography Festival organization preparatory progress s

For the strategic decision to implement the provincial government building cultural province, Qinghai to further develop the geographical and cultural advantages, to create special culture brand, expand publicity Qinghai, promote the opening up of Qinghai, by the Information Office of the State Council, China Federation of Qinghai Provincial People’s government, CO sponsored the "2012 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival will be held in Xining from August 11th to 13. Currently, the organization of the preparatory work is being carried out actively.

it is reported that this photography festival will focus on "the great beauty of Qinghai, seek Kunlun: nature and humanity" and describe the light shadow theme, through the full range, multi view display of Chinese and foreign outstanding photographic works, shows the level of development and artistic achievements of Chinese and foreign art photography, showing great beauty Qinghai natural scenery, unique culture of Kunlun Sanjiang source of ecological resources, show the protection status and folk customs.The main activities of the

2012 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival has been invited to the famous photographer from the United States, Germany, France, Britain and other 15 countries. This Photography Festival, the organizing committee will set up a "2012 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival" Chen Baoyu "Photography Exhibition Award, the organizing committee invited the famous Chinese and foreign photographers to form a special committee in the works on display in the top prize of 20, Jie Xiao Benjie Photography Festival in August 13th in winning awards.  

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