Huangyuan County Bureau of industry and commerce to carry out the diligence to perform their duties,

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Xining City Bureau of Huangyuan county to further strengthen the ideal faith education global cadres, vigorously promote clean politics, pragmatic style, and carry out the diligence duty let the people live a happier life "theme of education publicity activities, activity atmosphere, with remarkable results.
in the theme of educational activities, is a combination of the current ongoing study and implement the spirit of the Twelfth Congress of the province to carry out propaganda activities, strengthen discipline education and moral education, promote clean politics cadre style, promote close ties with the masses, for the people’s happiness style, and actively create a good atmosphere for the "Lian Rong to greed ashamed". The two is a combination of "grasping style building, promoting the implementation of the work" theme of practical activities, and strive to create a good momentum of the culture of "six", the county bureau leaders personally made a political and moral and the current anti-corruption situation report, from the practical significance, strengthen the moral education from three aspects, how the connotation of political ethics to strengthen the political and moral cultivation of cadres of the system described, to improve the party members and cadres of the political and moral cultivation. The three is the control "global cadres clean government target responsibility book", "the commitments" and other independent system implementation of self-examination, aiming at the existing problems, timely rectification, enhance the execution of the system. Four is the use of blackboard newspaper, billboards, panels and other carriers, in-depth publicity of clean government theory, principles and policies, the basic experience and effectiveness of the work, to create a strong atmosphere of the construction of clean government culture. At the same time, all Party members and cadres to consciously watch "mizzle Yang Qingfeng" feature films, reading "leading cadres in politics education warning record" and other books, by writing feedback and strengthen the cultural form of book review and other activities to create, diligent and honest cadres, and continuously improve the awareness of clean politics. The five is to actively promote the administrative law enforcement publicity system, through the wall and other forms of disseminating information, public affairs on the basis of businesspowers procedures, the time limit, the public fees and the basis, perfect "one-stop" office, "one-stop" services, polished service window, correct attitude, the implementation of public service measures to change the style of work, provide a good environment for the development of various types of market players.


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