2009 to 2011, Xining City Finance 2 billion 500 million yuan to support health care reform

city finance closely around the five key tasks of medical and health system reform, increase investment, rational use of health care funds, from 2009 to 2011, the total expenditure of medical health expenditure 2 billion 524 million yuan, the full support of the health care reform work.

last year, the city’s health care investment grew 51.4%, an increase of the province’s first, for the successful completion of the reform of health care for the past three years, the focus of the task of providing effective protection of the five. At present, the city’s basic public health service subsidy standards higher than the province. It is reported that the city government through increased investment in infrastructure construction, effectively change the medical institutions of medical environment, further to meet the people’s demand for medical services in different levels at the same time, improve the basic medical security system, improve the medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical security level, compensation mechanism reform, the implementation of national essential drug system the implementation of essential drugs, and zero sales slip in the city grassroots medical institutions, to achieve full coverage of Grassroots National Basic Medicine system. In addition, the increase in basic public health service subsidy standards, the city’s per capita standard is higher than the province’s standard 5 yuan. Innovative personnel training and allocation of incentive mechanism to improve rural doctors subsidies to protect the basic medical institutions staff salaries, effectively improve the overall level of medical staff.


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