National Health City retest start

this year, Xining will usher in the National Health City review, however, from the recent development of the work carried out to see the situation, the smooth adoption of national health city review is not optimistic. In February 5th, the municipal government held an emergency meeting of special rectification work Jian Wei, Wei Jian Jie work arrangements during the deployment of two scars, Wei Jian key work. This is also the city this year to meet the national health city re started the first battle.

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dirty and messy exposing scars

love health office informed that the current city Wei Jian main existing village urban high rebound prominent health, indiscriminate dumping of garbage phenomenon is serious; some alleyways and building the bankrupt enterprise institute or floor hospital health serious rebound, garbage clean-up is not timely, chaos posting, graffiti was the resurgence of the phenomenon of farmers market; remediation the effect is not obvious, closing back students dirty, poor; food safety problem is still outstanding, make and sell food stalls and other inventory management zone, catering units tableware disinfection; alleyways Luantingluanfang vehicles, no parking sign has no effect; the demolition site management loopholes, the enclosure is not standardized that garbage disposal is not timely; the taxi driver management is not in place and other issues.

fine judged: there are three aspects of the problem

in accordance with the municipal government of Jian Wei "innovation, and fine, and effectiveness" work requirements, Aiwei Office analysis, the reasons of the above problems in three aspects: one is the individual regions and departments of lax establishment, organization and coordination and supervision efforts to decrease two; is a fine management establishment implement the work place, long-term measures to implement the measures, are caused by renovation rebound – further rectification — rebound phenomenon of vicious spiral part of the problem is the public; three quality should be improved, throw confetti, cigarette butts and other debris is common.

special rectification: let people celebrate the Spring Festival

in accordance with the requirements of fine management, the municipal government decided to carry out two special rectification of the building. All localities and departments require immediate action, and actively organize sanitation of urban village, urban and rural joint Ministry of health, family health, hospital building market health, "five small" industrial hygiene, vehicle Luantingluanfang, building demolition site management of special rectification. The main responsibility of departments directly under the construction of sanitation work in the lead organization and supervision of the districts and counties to carry out public health special rectification, civilized traffic rectification, straight channel and green health special rectification and other special rectification activities, let the people of the city in a clean and tidy and comfortable environment for two. (author: Sheng Nan)

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