Datong County, live satellite public service Village through the project has been completed at the c

from the beginning of May this year, Datong County Radio and Television Bureau actively strive for the provincial radio and Television Bureau, live satellite public service Village project 5500 sets, the project funds of up to 3 million 300 thousand yuan, has been successfully completed. 5500 households in rural areas will be able to listen to the sound of the sound, clear image of the 51 sets of television programs and 25 sets of radio programs.

8 15, the establishment of County Radio and Television Bureau Inspection Team, take access to the electronic archives, the field view of project implementation, the project involves 15 towns and 26 villages in the "direct broadcast satellite receiver" landing, for a period of three days of inspection and acceptance. Through inspection and acceptance, Datong County, 5500 live satellite receiver has been installed in place, but there are still some township archives are not standardized, the installation does not meet the technical standards and other issues. To this end, the Datong County Radio and Television Bureau issued a rectification notice, clear the specific rectification of the relevant content of the township, the deadline for rectification, in order to meet the provincial and national inspection and preparation.


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