Bubble cake can also do poineering work

food has a certain shelf life, while the shop to do business often requires some samples to attract consumers. This time you need to use innovative materials to create suck eye samples. The cake made of foam is born this way.

Kimberley (KimberlyAya)

is showing her cake Aya began to design talent in the wedding exhibition, she soon had a creative. Although the majority of exhibitors will be just as fake cake display, Aya is aware of a considerable number of love actually is the false bride cake shape. A few months later, she turned her wonderful idea into a business and set up FunCakesrental. "I don’t do is true or fake cake cake," the 52 year old Ayatollah said, "as long as I can decorate it, because this is my love."

Through the use of

2009 sales are expected to be $1 million 200 thousand. Aya is busy started to carry out the plan by the end of the franchise in the United states. "I am a person willing to work every day, absolute love," Ayatollah said, "I am very lucky."

model is the role of food in order to attract more consumers, if can the creative business to good use, also can make many entrepreneurs believe that the wealth of the future, is very important to grasp the business opportunities.


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