Wang Yubo focus on fire prevention

the afternoon of February 22nd, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor, Liu Tianhai Municipal Public Security Bureau in-depth cross underground commercial street, Chengzhong District, Xining public security fire brigade fire brigade secret brigade, fire safety inspection, fire officers and soldiers condolences. "Firmly establish the concept of prevention and elimination of important!" Wang Yubo hope that all the fire officers and all levels of government, social units, people must put the fire safety as a major job, carrying out the fire responsibility, enhance the ability of fire, "thought and important work to tight, but the real reality, measures to be fine and thin, a little slack, a little relaxed, a little careless."

grand underground commercial street fire safety tips People are hurrying to and fro. everywhere, and fire facilities. Wang Yubo and his entourage checked with the fire fighting equipment is intact, the fire channel is expedite, fire monitoring records are comprehensive, use of fire fighting equipment businesses and fire mastery, "four abilities" content and fire responsibility were asked about the commercial street, a security guard. Wang Yubo wants to fire the underground commercial street as top priority unremittingly, and constantly improve the comprehensive management level, to build a civilized and orderly health, underground shopping mall, to the masses to provide a comfortable and satisfying shopping environment.

in the city district public security fire brigade, Xining fire brigade secret service battalion, Wang Yubo shook hands with the fire brigade, and on behalf of the municipal government to extend their condolences and heartfelt thanks to them. Wang Yubo said, it is the fire officers and soldiers to sacrifice a small home, the city can have peace and harmony. The city’s fire department to further increase the fire protection work of propaganda, organization, guidance, supervision, improve the service to the people’s consciousness, management ability is in accordance with the law, civil society organizations, enterprises, to provide more excellent and convenient services.

to fire safety work, Wang Yubo requirements, local government, fire department, social units and the masses of the people to jointly promote the local government to increase efforts to improve the conditions of the fire equipment in whatever circumstances; each unit of society to implement all aspects of the civil liability of fire; to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety. Wang Yubo stressed the need to firmly establish an important concept of prevention than consumption, focusing on prevention, the investigation of fire hazards, to eliminate the good. In the implementation of the fire responsibility to every aspect, every department, every aspect of the same time, but also to improve the allocation of fire facilities as a social responsibility in place.

, Wang Yubo hope the city fire officers and soldiers continue to carry forward the fine tradition of maintaining "iron" color, from thought, organization, equipment, security, enhance fire relief capacity level, to protect the safety of the construction and life of the city, the city of happiness and make new contributions. (author: Sheng Nan)

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