The implementation of the parasite charity charity action medical assistance projects in our provinc

recently, Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital Establishment of medical team to the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture banma County, dari county and Gande County etc. province hydatid disease disaster area, the masses to carry out middle hydatid disease screening. A total of more than and 170 people diagnosed patients, patients with hydatid disease of 130 people, set up a screening of more than and 130 copies of files, create the conditions for the rapid and effective treatment of patients, this is also the province of "poor patients with hydatid disease with" a silhouette, in September this year, our province, the implementation of "charity charity action medical parasite" relief projects, solve problems for the poor families of hydatid disease patients".

it is understood that the Qinghai province "charity charity parasite action" medical assistance project by the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Charity Federation and Qinghai welfare charity hospital in the province to carry out. To aid poor families with hydatid disease with Qinghai hukou, including liver hydatid disease relief, abdominal echinococcosis, pelvic hydatid, spleen, lung and brain hydatid hydatid hydatid disease, bone hydatid and multiple organ mixed hydatid, the implementation period from 2016 to 2020.

in the implementation of the project, to create a poor family of hydatid disease in the medical screening rescue mode, Qinghai welfare charity hospital established the medical team, to provide free screening for patients with hydatid disease of poor families in the 39 class and two class of hydatid disease epidemic County, provide the basis for determining the relief object; hospital for patients with poor families of hydatid disease treated by surgery medical expenses and hospitalization, zero burden of medical assistance, and funding per patient rehabilitation nutrition fees and transportation costs two thousand yuan, a year of 300 to 400 rescue object.


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