Xining’s largest government procurement project finalized

in order to improve the public transport environment in Xining, to facilitate the general public to travel, the City Finance Bureau for the first time using government procurement open tender procurement bus. At present, the project bidding work has been fully closed, through open and fair bidding, a total procurement of green bus 612, the total project budget amounted to 189 million 680 thousand yuan, saving 2 million 286 thousand yuan of financial funds, savings rate of 1.2%. According to reports, this is the city’s largest government procurement projects.

it is reported that the successful bid for all goods in line with energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and other conditions of natural gas buses, 612 green buses will become a beautiful landscape on the streets of Xining. The purchase of environmental protection bus is an important embodiment of the government procurement to play policy functions, strengthen the concept of green consumption, advocate green lifestyle, and actively respond to the national energy conservation and environmental policy ideas. The purchase of short time, high efficiency, obtained favorable comments from various departments, the procurement unit said the government procurement not only to build a bridge for both supply and demand, to provide high quality and low price for the bus purchase unit, but also provides a fair competition opportunity, more so as to enable the public to enjoy the real affordable. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

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