Price adjustment on the first day of the public calm treatment

is the first day of January 15th, fare adjustments in our city, the day early in the morning, reporters in Nanchuan Road No. 71 of the taxi meter testing center to see, here in order, at least a few minutes more than a few minutes, car a taxi meter will be installed debugging success, then the taxi driver can operate on the road.
15, 9, reporters in the province of Taximeter measuring center to see the door beside the road early lined waiting for adjustment of taximeter, yunguanchu inspection team of law enforcement officers and Rita dealers staff to maintain order at the scene and was the driver of the number issued. Enter the test center, here was divided into the waiting area, loading table area, collection and adjustment, in order to adjust the taxi meter in place as soon as possible, province Metrology Department also deployed 30 people to the scene to maintain order and office. Get the number of taxi drivers in charge of their own meter will be removed, the staff through the debugging, testing and other steps will soon be able to adjust the meter in place.
the public to accept the new price on the 15 day of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, people are very calm. Ms Wang said, by reading the "Xining Evening News", she and her family, friends and colleagues are aware of the taxi tariff adjustment issue, for the 15 day some 8 yuan taxi start, some taxi 6 yuan started still did not feel surprised, that can accept. Zhang also said the public, the first day of the 15 price adjustment, the road did not reduce the operation of the taxi, he did not run into the taxi driver without price increases, he rose to $8 starting price is also recognized.


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