Provincial government held a joint meeting of the development of circulation

10 12, the provincial government held a joint meeting to convey the development of circulation industry, the State Council to accelerate innovation to promote the circulation of farmers teleconference supply side structural reform, study the province to implement the "Internet plus circulation" action plan views. Vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

meeting stressed the need to deeply understand and grasp the situation facing the modern distribution industry. Vigorously develop the circulation industry, is an inevitable requirement to face downward pressure on the economy to promote the supply side reforms, all localities and departments should attach great importance to the development of circulation, and through the development of circulation industry to promote the supply side reforms, promote the development of local economy.

meeting pointed out that at present, the province to promote the development of the circulation industry is based on the formation of positive factors are gathering, opportunities and challenges coexist. The rapid development of the industry, continued to maintain high growth rate of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, expanding consumer market, innovative marketing methods, these are for our province to speed up the development of circulation industry has laid a good foundation, and put forward higher requirements.

meeting stressed the need to problem oriented, and vigorously promote the structural reform of the supply side of the supply side of the flow. Efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of circulation. All localities and departments to strengthen the circulation of enterprise informatization, standardization, intensive construction, brand, scale, system, the electricity supplier of the road; strengthen the construction of the wisdom of the circulation, the use of advanced information technology, enhance the development of infrastructure construction; promoting the construction of cold chain logistics system, to formulate the related implementation plan, start related to the project as soon as possible.


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