West Fair will be held soon Wang Yubo invited entrepreneurs to invest more

In September 10th, the city held the first meeting of the West will be 500 companies to help out this large-scale investment in large scale event will be a joint venture to play a role in the pilot and breakthrough

Xining city for the first time held a large scale, large-scale, direct investment for various types of investors to promote the development of Urban Investment Event – Xining City Development Investment Fair (referred to as the West will be held). September 5th afternoon, deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, vice mayor of the Ministry of Commerce and some of the parties in the Ning chamber of Commerce Forum on the topic of the discussion, in the afternoon of. Wang Yubo on behalf of the municipal government sincerely invite them to participate in the Western Conference, into the development of Xining.

Wang Yubo said the changes of economic and social development and city construction in Xining City, in addition to the people of all ethnic groups work hard, and every entrepreneur in Ning chamber of Commerce and chamber of Commerce efforts inseparable.

The chamber of Commerce and chamber of Commerce entrepreneur

contact are either in the city or in the construction, industrial development, public welfare, social service development has played an important role, and to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, in the development of Xining has set a good social image.

Wang Yubo wants to give full play to the chamber of commerce business investment, give full play to the advantages of entrepreneurs’ associations with and unique role in promoting the development of the city, to play a greater role in the development of Xining, the development of the idea of creating new life to the construction of the new Xining, Xining in the construction of the eastern city group to seize the historic opportunity in a leading role, seize the municipal government to further accelerate the development of the determination and motivation of this opportunity to contact the entrepreneurs to mobilize the positive action, the construction industry development, the city in the Xining City, Xining city to participate in all aspects of the work.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the municipal government will be held in the city development and investment fair, the biggest feature is innovative and pragmatic, to reach the final result is the core of the fair as well as the government and entrepreneurs together to play the role of the pilot and the breakthrough. We sincerely hope that all chambers of Commerce and entrepreneurs will work together to participate in each other, but also hope that every entrepreneur in the land of Xining legitimate, harmonious and rapid development. The government will further establish a pro business, pro business, love, support, business philosophy for the development of the security business, and in Nanjing chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurs to invest in good service. (author: Xiao Yu)


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