Xining police will focus on investigating serious violations

to further strengthen the road traffic order, strengthen team management. On the eve of the national day, Xining city traffic police detachment in accordance with the requirements of the higher public security organs, arrangements for the deployment.

Xining city traffic police detachment leaders on the road traffic safety and team management during the holiday season, as well as to carry out centralized investigation and handling of serious road traffic violations, were arranged. Requirements of the various departments of the detachment, the duty brigade should attach great importance to strengthen cooperation, to implement the responsibility, civilized law enforcement, to the full police investment, exchange of information. According to the "outstanding things, focus on the investigation, normative ideas parking, orderly management, enhance the comprehensive improvement of the work. A crackdown on drunk, undocumented, speeding and other serious violations, the full remediation of motor vehicle Luantingluanfang behavior, to ensure that the center of the city’s primary and secondary roads no parking car parking, branch tunnel standard, achieve "parking berth, driving into the unimpeded" effect.

Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee, traffic police detachment Han Ruixiang combined with the work put forward specific requirements: to fully understand the current situation, to strengthen the sense of urgency, to improve the work plan, to ensure road safety during the festival. To pre education into the brain into the heart, careful investigation of the ranks of the management of the existence of hidden loopholes in the management, and resolutely prevent problems. To strengthen the sense of responsibility, and perform their duties strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, carry out on investigating serious violations, regulate road traffic order rectification action, to ensure that the special action to achieve tangible results.


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