Xining industrial and commercial dairy products market to strengthen the inspection of more than 50

in order to protect the interests of consumers, in recent days, Xining City Department of industry and commerce to strengthen the dairy market inspection system, 24 hours on duty system, inventory and shelf delisting daily reporting system. As of 20, the provincial capital of the current situation in the shelf shelves of nearly forty thousand kilograms of milk powder problem (including the rural area of 2145 kg), under the frame of 14884 kilograms of liquid milk.

this inventory includes Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Limited by Share Ltd, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, including 7 enterprises produced milk powder. As of 19, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce Inspection of milk dealers 16233, as consumers return milk 981.5 kilograms. In September 19th, industrial and commercial departments to check 1867 liquid milk products dealers, including Mengniu Dairy (Wuhan) Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia Chi friends of Mengniu Dairy (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, Mengniu Dairy (Beijing) 11 varieties and 10 production date and batch limited liability company production of liquid milk; Ji’nan Yili dairy Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd 7 number, production date and 7 batches of liquid milk; 5 kinds of products, Beijing Bright Dairy Co. Ltd can health and other 5 companies of 5 batches of liquid milk production date and.

Xining City Department of industry and Commerce requirements for melamine containing infant milk powder and liquid milk requires the return of the operator in accordance with the original sales price refund, shall not lower prices.


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