The train station comprehensive demolition frequently heard the good news

residential placement in the comfortable life

Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute of family housing has been fully dismantled in August 15th, comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station area, land acquisition and demolition of the Huangshui River south station west area have heard the news: Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute, the family bus company family member courtyard, long-distance bus station, small area, Hengli Jiashuyuan Huangzhong County retired cadres always move households basically the government has signed a relocation agreement, the demolition work has been from the home of propaganda and mobilization, signed an agreement to continue building demolition stage, key projects, the core area of smooth start trial operation in July 2014 October 2014, Shun Litong car has laid the foundation for the train station. Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Jiashuyuan agreement quickly opened the southern coast Huangshui River comprehensive housing demolition team leader Ge Zhanyong said that the families of Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute for a total of a suite of 310 residents, has signed a relocation agreement of 308, the remaining 2 houses have been imposed by law government. To win the understanding and support of the majority of households move to the families involved in the demolition work, demolition of cadres and workers since July 2nd uninterrupted home do propaganda and mobilization work, and visit the poverty involving relocation households, within the scope of the policy allows to solve their practical difficulties, won the users involved moved the understanding and support of the demolition work. Now, the families of Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Institute as the southern coast Huangshui River first demolished residential area, the building has been basically completed demolition, more than 300 households Sheqian has begun in the transitional housing. Families of the bus company you longing for a home early in the resettlement area Jiashuyuan bus company involved in housing relocation households told reporters, in 60s and 70s 80s the last century Tongzilou, housing, and housing in 90s. Ge Zhanyong told reporters that the bus company has a family member courtyard into a suite of 212 households, of which 210 households, and the government has signed a relocation agreement, the other two houses were levied according to the law. More than a month, the families of the most involved relocation households are very supportive of the government with the demolition work, many involving their families also took the initiative to come to sign the agreement, many residents are eager to early live in bright and spacious, modern facilities of the resettlement area is located in the hamlet. In the process of mobilization in the home, the majority of cadres;

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